The John O. Jenkins, Jr. Memorial Golf Tournament



2013 Golfers

2013 Golfers


It was another warm, sunny day at David L. Baker Golf Course at Mile Square Park for the 8th Annual JOJ on August 25, 2013.  This was the third time the tournament had been held here due to the temporary closure of Birch Hills.

  The turnout was great, and besides a brief trip to the ER from an errant golf ball (not hit from a JOJ player, I might add), the day was a huge success.

   The JOJ welcomed first-timers Mai, Savannah, Tina, and Err as well as a lot of familiar faces.

  Enjoy the photos!

2013 Awards Ceremony


Unedited video of the 2013 Awards ceremony, hosted by John E. Jenkins and Gwynne Anderson.


August 25, 2013

Color / HD 720P / TRT: 8:48

2013 Tournament Flier


This is the original 2013 Tournament Flier which includes teams, handicaps, and prizes.

Take a trip down memory lane!


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2013 Photos & Video

The John O. Jenkins, Jr. Memorial Golf Tournament