The John O. Jenkins, Jr. Memorial Golf Tournament



2015 Golfers


For the 10th Anniversary, the 2015 tournament triumphantly returned to Birch Hills Golf Course in Brea, CA.  Many of the players returned from Amanda and Brandon's wedding in San Diego to attend.  The weather was scorching hot, reaching a high of 98 degrees.  And the Awards were at Pepz's Pizza for the first time.  We also had our largest attendance ever!  Woohoo!

2015 Award Ceremony


Returning to Birch Hills, this Awards Ceremony took place at Pepz Pizza and Eatery in Placentia.  Pepz was hopping on Saturday evening as Gwynne and John announced the individual prizes and overall team winner.


August 29, 2015

Color / HD 1080P / TRT: 8:53

2015 Tournament Flier


This is the original 2015 Tournament Flier which includes teams, handicaps, and prizes.

Take a trip down memory lane!


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2015 Photos & Video

The John O. Jenkins, Jr. Memorial Golf Tournament