The John O. Jenkins, Jr. Memorial Golf Tournament




John O. Jenkins, Jr. produced many kinds of art work in the more than 60 years he worked on paintings, sketches, prints and other forms of art.  From the realistic to the abstract, he enjoyed working in all styles and he won various awards in art shows.


John carried a sketch book with him wherever he went, and often made paintings from the sketches.  Not only did he teach art in high school for most of his life, but he involved all of his family including the grandchildren in art, taking them on sketching trips and supervising countless paintings by neighbors and family.


Unfortunately, many of John's early original paintings were lost in a garage fire during the Christmas holidays of 1958.  Of his early work, there are a few surviving paintings that are included here: "Untitled, Chicago, IL," "Madonna and Child," and "Lily in Flower Pot."  We are aware of at least two more paintings which survived the fire and, in the future, we hope to include on this site: "Lady in Red," and "Rowboat on Lake."


Here is a small sample of artwork he painted over the years.  You may notice that quite of few of them feature one of his favorite activities... Golf.


The paintings represented here are by no means his complete collection...  In fact, this page is a bit of a work in progress.  If you are aware of one of his paintings or sketches we do not have available for viewing, or have information on dates or titles of paintings, please contact webmaster Brian Tweedt at


We would love to come photograph any unknown paintings for free and add it to our online collection for others to enjoy.  We are also happy to rephotograph any current photos we have (at higher resolution) that we can get access to.  Please let us know if you are the owner of one of these paintings!


Note: Titles listed below in parenthesis are not official titles given by the artist, but were generated for this web site as a way to discuss a piece by description.



All artwork © John O. Jenkins, Jr.

Used with Permission.

The John O. Jenkins, Jr. Memorial Golf Tournament