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About the JOJ Memorial Tournament


Started in 2006, the tournament was founded to honor the memory of John O. Jenkins, Jr. who had a strong passion for family, art, and of course, golf.  The tournament  has grown to epic proportions and continues to draw top golfers around the world.  From Tucson to Turkey, the best are all here.

     Players are grouped into foursomes (although this varies due to turnout), and given handicaps.  The team with the lowest net score is awarded the "Team Winner" prize.  The last place team is awarded the "Booby Prize."  There are also various prizes awarded on different holes.

     The tournament also raises money to support the John and Elsie Jenkins Endowed Scholarship Fund.  This is an optional donation.

     For for more details on the tournament, see the information boxes below.

Tournament Dates & Locations

Past, Present, & Future


1st Annual  - January 8, 2006 @ Birch Hills

2nd Annual - January 28, 2007 @ Birch Hills

3rd Annual -  May 17, 2008 @ Birch Hills

4th Annual - May 24, 2009 @ Birch Hills

5th Annual - May 23, 2010 @ Birch Hills

6th Annual - June 12, 2011 @ David L. Baker

7th Annual - July 29, 2012 @ David L. Baker

8th Annual - August 25, 2013 @ David L. Baker

9th Annual - August 10, 2014 @ David L. Baker

10th Annual - August 29, 2015 @ Birch Hills

11th Annual - August 11, 2018 @ David L. Baker


Tournament Location


For the 11th annual JOJ in 2018, the tournament was held at David L. Baker Golf Course.


David L. Baker Golf Course

10410 Edinger Ave.

Fountain Valley, CA 92708


Location History:

The tournament was originally held at Birch Hills Golf Course in Brea, California.  However, Birch Hills closed for remodeling in 2011, and so the 2011 - 2014 tournaments were held at the David L. Baker Memorial Golf Course in Mile Square Regional Park.  The Tournament returned for the 10th Annual Event to Birch Hills.  It then returned to David Baker for 2018.


Tournament Dinner & Awards


Immediately following the golf tournament the Tournament Awards Dinner is held.  All prizes are awarded at the dinner (See the “Tournament Results” page for past winners).  Friends and family who are not able to play in the tournament are welcome to join the Awards Dinner.


Stonefire Grill

18727 Brookhurst St.

Fountain Valley, CA 92708


Dinner and Awards History:

From 2006-2010, the Awards Ceremony took place at Baja Fresh in the Imperial Plaza in Brea, which is now closed.  The 2011-2014 Awards were held at the Stonefire Grill in Fountain Valley near the David L. Baker course.  The 2015 Awards were held at Pepz.  The 2018 Awards returned to Stonefire Grill.


Tournament Prizes

Team & Individual


Prizes are given in the following categories:



LOW NET - 2 low net scores per hole (the 4th player for 3-person teams will be selected by blind draw).













"Funniest Golf Shot" and "Funniest Golf Outfit" prizes are judged by Gwynne Anderson & John E. Jenkins.


* Some prizes categories and prizes may vary from year to year.


Prizes are donated by:

Gwynne Anderson & John E. Jenkins

Tournament Registration


Contact John E. Jenkins at or at 714-329-3799 or Gwynne Anderson at or at (480) 201-2348 to register in the tournament.  There is no tournament registration fee -- you only need to pay the current green fees at David L. Baker.  2018 Prices: $31 with cart, and $23 to walk.  We have negotiated this reduced fee for the tournament.

Tournament Contact Info


John E. Jenkins and Gwynne Anderson coordinate and sponsor the prizes for the annual tournament.  You can contact John E. Jenkins at:

and Gwynne at: for registration and other details on upcoming tournaments.

Tournament Charity


Donations to the Jenkins scholarship fund at The Ohio State University can be made directly to the school or though John E. Jenkins.  Money goes to support the John and Elsie Jenkins Endowed Scholarship Fund given to deserving student(s) with majors in Education.


There is no donation necessary to play in the tournament.

Tournament Web Site


The web site is managed by Brian Tweedt and his company, The Birdhouse.  Please feel free to send any suggestions or comments


Original funding for the web site was provided by John E. Jenkins, Dan Jenkins, and Brian Tweedt from 2010 - 2020.  Continued funding for the website was provided by John E. Jenkins and Gwynne Anderson for 2020 - 2030.  Donations are welcome to keep the site up and running.

The John O. Jenkins, Jr. Memorial Golf Tournament